Bee’s Pops all started in 2011 when a girlfriend asked me to be in charge of the desserts table for bridal shower. I wanted something that would POP and stand out – hence Cake POPS. I researched how to make them and after over a dozen test batches working to perfect sizing and cake to chocolate ratios I finally got it right. The best part is, they were a hit!!! Eventually I started making them for baby showers, weddings, and just for fun to see where my talent could take me. After becoming a foster mom to 2 under 3 years of age, the amount of time I had to continue my passion dwindled. However, after giving birth to my own daughter in 2015 I was afforded the time and passion I needed to continue doing what I love on a part time basis. Which brings me to doing what I love daily!

“By doing what you love, you inspire & awaken the hearts of others”